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Our Activity Areas

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Our law firm provides legal services to individuals and companies by providing consultancy services within the scope of regulations and practices in legislation without encountering legal disputes; In case of conflicts, it aims to conclude these disputes in favor of the client as soon as possible within our judicial system. You can reach us by filling out the form on our contact page for more detailed information.

Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Collection Tracking and Management and Debts Restructuring

Our firm, which is experienced in terms of both legal and business follow-up in execution and bankruptcy proceedings and collection tracking and management, conducting debt restructuring procedures of client companies, executing individual and collective execution files based on contract, invoice, billship, mortgage and proceeding, determination, cancellation and abolition of appeal, rescission, retirement, termination of the contract, etc. follow-up proceedings, follow-up of criminal cases based on offenses regulated in the Execution and Bankruptcy Law, concordatial announcement, bankruptcy and postponement of bankruptcy, objection to debt, bankruptcy desk registration, filing lawsuits against bankruptcy administration decisions, realization of mortgage transactions and opening of mortgage-based enforcement proceedings and its execution. These transactions are settled in quickly with our extensive partner network in the whole of Turkey.

Ankara Agreement and Visa Processing

The Treaty of Ankara is the abbreviated name of the European Community Association Agreement. The Ankara Treaty visa is a business clearance visa issued to the citizens of the countries which have signed a cooperation agreement with the European Union. The Ankara Treaty visa allows the applicant to live in England and work in his / her own business. Our office provides services in order to make the applications of Ankara Agreement visas in a way that will give a complete and positive result through the law office it cooperates with in London.

Banking, Finance and Insurance Law

Our office provides consultancy services with experienced lawyers in the fields of banking and finance law. Our consultancy service in these areas, preparation of credit agreements in project and individual transactions and establishment of collateral structure, provision of financing of goods and services, derivative transactions, preparation of direct debit contracts to ensure cash management in the real sector, realization of cash management in coordination with banks This includes the services required by the banks and directly the consultancy services required by the banks.

Information and Internet Law

As a result of the rapidly developing technology, our office provides services in disputes arising from informatics, e-commerce and internet usage. In this context; following the investigation and prosecution of offenses committed with informatics crimes, organizing e-commerce within the framework of applicable legislation, & nbsp; We provide services to our clients in the field of dispute resolution about domain names, unfair competition lawsuits with internet, solution of violations of intellectual and industrial property law, follow-up of access procedures, preparation of service contracts with internet user contracts, conducting transactions in BTK.

Criminal Law

Our office provides legal consultancy services to its clients with its experienced staff at every stage of the criminal cases including the investigation. Our priority is the continuation of the criminal case process without being in detention, and then providing all kinds of legal consultancy services in cases that will result in criminal sanctions until the execution stage. In this context, retired judiciary members are working diligently under the leadership of our consultants.

Commercial and Corporate Law

Identifying the problems that may occur in business life by looking at the world of trade from a global perspective, providing consultancy services to our clients in order to support them in their commercial relations and providing solutions, solution of commercial disputes, monitoring of local and foreign capital company and branch establishment operations, preparation of the company’s articles of incorporation and amendment procedures, preparation of company management contracts between the partners, realization of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly transactions, capital increase and capital reduction transactions, mergers and acquisitions, separation and changing of the company and preparation of due diligence reports of the companies.

Real Estate and Rental Law

Our office, especially in recent years in the real estate sector in terms of urban transformation and the sale of 2D land; It provides consultancy services for the protection of the rights of the parties in real estate projects, the arrangement of the purchase contracts between the parties and the construction contracts for the floor, and the financing of real estate projects. In addition, our services include the issue of lease agreements, real rights transactions and follow-up of other title deeds. Our office, in this context, in accordance with the urban transformation legislation, while ensuring the transaction; He has also provided legal advice to date on the acquisition of 2B lands by beneficiaries.

It is a consultancy office that provides its clients with solutions and services.